Welcome to the SB 47: Tesla Station

What happens when a new star system begins to form near a very large starbase? What if that Starbase was full of tourists and jacksnapes? And that system is in the Triangle of Federation, Romulan, and Klingon borders? Not to mention pirates, mercenaries, murderers...

Skunkworks... Gold Rush... with a little Steampunk thrown in. Electrifying!

Tesla Station is a seemingly “run of the mill” ginormous station o the outside. But under her enormous facade lies the secrets of Starfleet’s newest technologies. She is the Skunkworks--the future, the home of mad science and the harbor for those that have a little too much brains and not enough instinct for self preservation. The team from USS Galileo came aboard and turned her into a jewel...with a little steam thrown in.

Get your goggles... we've got some seriously mad science to get to...

Welcome to Tesla Station.

Captain Diana Stark

Contact the CO directly for positions you may wish to play that are not on the roster.

Want to apply? Please apply through the WIKI application.


A writing sample is required. We are looking for active mature adult players with a strong sense of story. Grammar and spelling are considered a courtesy (please use spell check and reread your sample). Emphasis and weight are, however, to the quality of the content. Chiefly, we seek creative storytellers who are looking to grow their stories with other strong and respectful writers. Details about your sample will be mailed to you shortly after you click JOIN. If you do not see an open position, contact the Tesla Station Manager with your story idea.

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Two years ago...
Posted by Captain Diana Stark on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 @ 12:21pm
Category: General News

Two years ago, we went on hiatus. No big splashy announce this time, I'm just going to write and if you want to join in, please do.

Shiny Earthspin!
Posted by Captain Diana Stark on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 @ 08:37pm
Category: General News

Mission Report Season 3 #12
Posted by Captain Diana Stark on Sunday, January 31st, 2010 @ 09:46pm
Category: Mission Reports

Incoming Transmission...

Mission Report #3.12

New Year = New Innovations

This year we're moving into new ways to communicate and keep ourselves interested. The first of the Monthly Reports is online. The plans are underway to really ramp up the site and make us a 21st Century SIM with a great interface to enable tons of writing.

Without further ado, I give you, the TeslaMonthly!

Volunteers appreciated for any contributions to next month... apologies for running out of rooms for quotes...it's about 3Megs

January was a great month!

We hope you like it!

Jaynie & Jason
TeslaAnnual is READY!
Posted by Captain Diana Stark on Thursday, January 28th, 2010 @ 06:33pm
Category: Simm Announcement

Incoming Transmission...

Announcing! The publication of the Tesla Annual for everyone's enjoyment. Please go ahead and download on the secure connection and read to your heart's content. It was a labor of love. We began working on the Annual back in December, gathering ideas together so that it would be the kind of item everyone would want to print and read over and over. I hope everyone here finds a that love in the work done.

Tesla 2009 Annual

Remember the thrill of going through your school annual to find your face or a funny moment that was captured. Jason and I tried to capture that and feeling with our first ever Annual. There's a little of everything.

In fact, we enjoyed this format so much, we might have something up our sleeve to continue this grand plan!

Here's to 2010. May it be our best ever.


Mission Report #3.11
Posted by Commander Raul Kerano on Thursday, December 31st, 2009 @ 01:56pm
Category: Mission Reports

Incoming Transmission...

December 2009 - Mission Report #3.11
1) Command Staff OOC Addresses
2) Promotions/Awards/Academy Reports
3) Comings & Goings
4) Mission Summary Report
5) Mission Objectives
6) Quotable Quotes
7) Post Count
8) Team Building


I. Command Staff Joint Address


I'm pleased as punch to announce the newest member to the crew, Orion Merris the tatooed rocker. Yep, indie IS working and we've not even made much of an effort. Imagine what we can do with an effort? Part of that effort is a three prong approach. The Tesla Annual is in progress and will be published soon. With that as a major touchstone, our organizational efforts in the Wiki (with the added incentive of a contest with a tangible prize) as second prong and finally good solid posting. Because in the end, what brings us back to Tesla is the story and the storytelling we all join together in.

Posting. That's our main responsibility this month. Get your stories in. What have you not said about your character? What would you like to say and ... do you want to just post as an NPC to expand your writing experience? DO IT! We've ended an amazing year, our best ever for post count and I want our next year to match or succeed it. This means participation on everyone's part. We are picking up the slack again, do not let a day go by to not work on at least one post. Let's keep the stories alive. Remember the rule really does say 1 post a week is required. We've all been slack. Let's make a new year's resolution to get that working.

We're winding down the nebula plot (after six months, yathink?) and moving into the Legal Eagles plot. We discussed this at length at our regular Monday meeting. Some of you have been contacted for consultation but thus far, I have had very little from legal counsel on the SIM (but one). So, I am hoping that this week we can get some discussion going among those who will provide the main thread. Secondary threads will be Cartel and the Grand Opening of Cogs N Grog!

Remember, you may have more than one character, you simply need them approved by the Command staff so send your ideas/bios for that to tesla-command@teslastation.net.

I hope everyone has a beautiful New Year's Eve!

Curate ut Valeatis,

So, we’re definitely an Indy SIM - and we’ve managed to snag a new member through no effort on our part. I think once we market ourselves well, we will attract new players. One of the things going for us that makes us have the “got it together” look is our wiki - it shows that we’ve taken the time to plan out and research where our story is headed and it gives a professional look to our merry little writing club.

Therefore, I am announcing the 2010 Wiki Clean Up Contest. The prize: $20 Amazon Gift Card from yours truly. The task? Clean up your part of the wiki - maybe that’s putting your bio on there, or making your department page, or giving me suggestions on what we need to do together to improve. The Deadline: January 31st. How to enter? Do your deed, and then email me to point out what you did - and I’ll put your name in the pot for the drawing. We’ll hold a skype conference for all interested to watch me draw the name so we can all jump up and down. Caveat: For the majority of you, your biographical information is already there - if you want to enter but aren’t sure what you can do, e-mail me and let’s talk amongst ourselves and discuss (:

Have a wonderful New Year celebration!

Your faithful servant boy of the prune eating Captain,

II. Promotions/Awards/Academy Report

Promotions: None
Academy Report: None
Awards: Many!

We will send out award notifications through SMS and on the OOC list - everyone will need to login and check their bio to see what and why they received an award (:

There’s no mother fleet, so there’s no Academy at this point in time. However, if you’re interested in creating an NPC that’s different from your current speciality and want some info on how to play that character effectively, we have some materials written by the lovely CO and XO from their cohorts many years ago that you may find effective (:

III. Comings & Goings

Coming: Gnos (Miranda Clarke) is back from leave, as is Rosado and John Kelly. We have the pleasure of a new player, who is currently writing his role as entertainer lookin' for a gig - please help welcome Orion Merris. Justin (Mirza, Carter) is back as well.
Going: Charles Koenig - moved to NPC in case he re-appears
Leaves of Absence: Liam O’Rilley, Lysander, Bennett (until 1/3) K’ora, Trent (Sally Connelly) - all through the holidays. Jan Davies continues to be on ELOA - we’re sending out warm thoughts for her until things return to normal in her world.

IV. Mission Summary Report

Location: On Taurus
Status: Yellow

After beaming over to the arcology, the away team encounters mechanized droids resembling bugs. The droids lead the Starfleeters to the Akkadians--Nissa, Tessia, and Karzan, who are attempting to stop the self-destruct sequence.

Aboard the Taurus, Diana Stark grapples with the moral decision she faces--a directive from command ordering her to throw the Akkadians under the bus to appease Blue Sky. Science nerdessess Rivka Lefkowitz and Allesandra Costa play around in the new stellar cartography lab--a holographic zero-g environment. They make some intriguing insights into Akkadia as a homeworld.

On the station, Elizabeth Jones makes some Pakleds go. They decree that they are smart, and try to take her with them. Not quite, though. Orion Merris arrives and attempts to fit in at Le Mouche Cabaret--but will the drag queens scare him away?

V. Mission Objectives

For January - Life aboard the station should return to normal - use your NPCs to post a bit there. Diplomatic detachment and command will rev into high gear as we begin to decide what to do with the Akkadian arcology.

VI. Quotable Quotes:

Because she likes dry stuff--champagne, crackers, dust..
“Rosado, you should know by now... they like to muddy the waters because they can,” Diana’s response was dry.
--Diana “I like Prunes” Stark

and lo, it said...piss off!“
”This is The Arc of the Prophet,“ the console spoke.
--Magical Akkadian Computer

It’s the name of a club on Mars...where technotronic people go...
”Did we even find out what a metachron was?“ Tasha muttered to herself. Shifting her rifle, she swiveled her seat around to face away from the helm console and waited for Sutton to begin.
--Natasha ”Fly By Shooting“ Radcliffe

Careful, you’ll dribble on yourself
At her chair console, Diana received the report from the scoutship, the words of the plan flickered in dribbles. Dribbles of hope, she thought to herself, and more trouble if they did succeed than not.
--Diana ”I laughed too hard and had a little accident“ Stark

You’re a regular Emeril of the space world
”Be ready to stand for transport as soon as we’re in position,“ Kerano announced to everyone, before turning to Lysander. ”Kick it.“
--Raul ”I make great burritos“ Kerano

That’s...pretty smooth, and shiny
That shakedown cruise better be as smooth as a Deltan’s dome or I ain’t gonna be best pleased. See to it.”
-Lieutenant Natasha “I like the race of 24th Century Mr. Clean People” Radcliffe (via an NPC)

Hey, that’s quality entertainment on a dull Saturday night!
Turning to his companion, Scott quipped “Let’s hope that it’s not a bunch of 2 year olds banging tin pots.”
--Lieutenant Commander Scott “Can we hurry up and go now so I can 'snuggle' Veronika?” Sutton

So many great posts, so little time!? If you see something you think should be posted here, send the snippet to the command staff mailing list at tesla-command@syrenmuse.com

VII. Post & Log Count:


|SB47: TESLA ||-----------------------|-M-|-A-|-M-|-J-|-J-|-A-|-S-|-O-|-N-|-D-|


|Total Monthly Posts ----------------|-71|-24|-50|-71|105|-40|-30|-55|-26|-39|

|Total Personal ---------------------|--1|--1|--0|--0|--2|---|---|--2|--1|--0|

|Total Combined Count ---------------|-72|-25|-50|-71|107|-40|-30|-55|-26|-39|


Tables in HTML using characters display differently for everyone.? Here’s a simple version:

Monthly Posts/Personal Logs/Combined Count
D: [050/001/051] O: [053/002/055]
J: [156/004/160] N: [025/001/026]
F: [137/001/138] D: [039/000/039]
M: [071/001/072] YTD 2009: [826/015/841]
A: [024/001/025]
M: [050/000/050]
J: [071/000/071]
J: [089/002/091]
A: [030/000/030]
S: [017/000/030]

January Goal: 75 posts. If we reach this goal, everyone will get an award ribbon.

VII. Team Building:

Calendar for Important stuff:

The Tesla channel has been hopping night after night with current AND former crew members. Stop by to say hello, won’t you?

IRC Meeting and How to Get There:
if you have an IRC client then set it to any of these servers:
and the channel: #tesla

OR just use this link to mibbit! TeslaChat

Who’s who?
Jaynie - The Cap’n
Ange = Reese/Stella
BigJ = Raul
[Trent] = Sally/Rhys
Sutton = Sutton (Duh)
JustinB = Nikou
Daydream = Ashley Lysander
Lori = Counselor Bennett
Ragtag = Radcliffe
ChanceMorris/Keegan Shroeder = Innocent bystander
Orion = Orion